Tube – ISG specializes in Silicone Tube, although other materials are available upon request.
Through our partner silicone manufacture our Platinum Silicone Tube range can be manufactured to suit your required size & complies to FDA regulation.
Common uses are:
• Suction
• Peristaltic Pumps
• Laboratory
• Food & Pharmaceutical processing
• Coffee Machine
• Dairy Industry
• The model industry (due to its resistance to Methanol & Nitro fuels (not for use with petrol )).

Further information can be found in our 'Technical' section & we are not limited to the ‘standard’ sizes listed. We can supply large bore non-reinforced & reinforced Silicone Hoses for high pressure or vacuum applications. Coloured Silicone Tube is also available for identification & can be supplied to your required sizes & lengths. Please contact us for further information.


At ISG there is endless possibilities to have profiled extrusions supplied to your specifications.

Our partner Silicone Manufacturer can produce virtually limit less shapes, colours & hardness’ while we are also distributors for several other material specialists for specific composites to suit your requirements.

Please contact us with your requirements for expert help & quoting.

Ext 10

Sponge Products

ISG specialises in closed cell aerated silicone sponge, but we are also able to provide EPDM, neoprene & natural rubber sponge products.

We can supply sponge in extruded profile sections (including tube, flat strip, irregular shapes & round cord) as well as sheet. We are also able to join our sponge products to form endless seals & gaskets. Please contact us with your requirements.

Joined / Formed Gaskets

Joined / Formed Gaskets – ISG can supply a large selection of custom made joined seals & gaskets upon request. Using a very strong vulcanization process our gaskets can retain the same compression & hardness unlike ‘glue’ which often hardens or turns brittle & delaminates (breaks) over time.
We supply simple custom size O’rings (square or round profile) to very complicated profiled sections which could require right angle joins or simple ‘butt’ joins.
We can also graphite coat some gaskets for ’non-stick’ applications such as Auto Clave seals.
Please contact us with your requirements or designs for expert advice or quotation.

Flat Strip

ISG has access to a huge array of strip sizes & materials.
Depending on material, these can be supplied in a hardness range from 20 to 80 ShoreA hardness’ & your choice of colour. These could also be supplied joined into endless seals & gaskets.
Some material selection is also available in Sponge.
Please contact us with your requirements for a quotation or help.


ISG are able to supply custom mouldings for endless applications including suction cups, buffers & caps etc. From small run compression moulding to large scale injection mouldings, please contact us with your requirements.

Flat Gaskets

Let ISG help you solve your flat seal issues with an extensive range of materials to either stamp or water jet cut your required size washers, disc’s or shaped gaskets from.

For expert help, please contact us anytime.

Inflatable (pneumatic) Gaskets

ISG is able to supply a huge range of gaskets which can be inflated with air. These are often used in pharmaceutical production where FBD’s are common or sliding doors or hatches are used.

This type of seal is a perfect solution for difficult sealing conditions where rapid sealing & unsealing is required.

We also supply the commercial laundry industry, among others, with such sealing applications.

Together with our silicone manufacture partner we have the ability to supply custom profiles for most seals & bladders, and expert advice if required.


ISG can supply a range of cord products from 1mm to 40+mm diameter (depending on material). This can also be joined to form O’rings & supplied in a variety of colours & hardness (depending on material selection – 20 to 80 ShoreA hardness’)
We are also able to supply some materials in Sponge
Material selection from: Silicone, EPDM, Neoprene, Nitrile, Butyl, Viton & Natural Rubber.
Please contact us for material advice or a quotation.

Corona Treater Sleeve

ISG is able to supply the highest quantity Silicone sleeve for film extruders & converters at very competitive prices, making it a far more cost effect solution compared with Hypalon, Epoxy or Ceramic (which are all bonded).

Our tolerances are some of the closest in the industry & are as low as +/- 0.1mm wall & +/- 1.0mm ID giving you the best results.

For further information, please feel free to contact us at anytime.

Tri – Clover Seals

Tri – Clover Seals – ISG can provide a range of RJT O’rings, Clip Flat Face seals, Type 1 & 2 Ferrules (Tri-Clovers) as well as a range of Camlock seals.
Please ask us about material selection between EPDM, Viton, Nitrile, Silicone & PTFE (Teflon)

For dimension information, please see details under our ‘Technical’ page.

Sheet & Matting

ISG can supply a huge range of sheet & mattings for most application. See list below & for more specific information, please contact us via email for profile images & technical data relating to your specific enquiry.

  • Sheeting supplied in a range of thickness’ – Silicone, Viton, Nitrile, Neoprene, Natural Rubber, EPDM, Butyl, Hypalon, Rubberised Cork, SBR – FRAS (fire-resistant & anti-static)
  • Flooring – Rubber Stud, Marbleised, Anti-slip, Checker Plate, Rib Matting, Anti-fatigue, Ute Matting, Electrical Safety Matting
  • Lining Rubber ( Rubber Lining is used extensively for Wear and Corrosion protection on plant and equipment used for processing and material handling)
  • Equine Rubber Products (Rubber is used in a variety of different applications in the equine industry. Its excellent wear characteristics along with its absorbing properties make it ideally suited to protect both structures and the horses themselves)

Pinchweld Extrusions

Pinchweld Extrusions are also available from ISG. Made from durable EPDM with a steel insert, these are a great & economic way to add a seal to enclosures which have a finished edge for the seal to push onto. Please see under our ‘Drawings’ page for profile selection.


Fiberglass Vacuum Bagging Seals The range of RTM Silicone Seal Extrusions are available from ISG for your Fiberglass Vacuum Bagging needs. Vacuum bagging is a commonly used technique in composites, and for good reason. When done correctly, your part will have a nice, uniformly distributed compression about the surface of the layup. This in turn helps to minimize any voids (e.g. bubbles and wrinkles) in the buildup of layers. Also, when used with a porous substrate made of peel-ply and breather-cloth it assists in having the optimal ratio of resin to reinforcement (e.g fiberglass, or carbon fiber, or Kevlar) by squeezing out the excess. Please see our ‘drawings’ page for profile details or email for further information.

Compression Packing

Industrial Seals & Gaskets supply a wide variety of compression packings for most applications including Carbon, Fiberglass Braid, Expanded PTFE & Gaphite ect For specific information, please contact us at for further assistance.


Poly Belting Cord

Industrial Seals & Gaskets are able to supply a range of Solid Round PU Belting (Poly Cord). ‘Food Quality’ belting which are used in Food Processing applications, conveying products such as Sliced Meats, Confectionery, Cheese & Fish ect are often supplied in Blue PU or Blue Metal Detectable PU. These are Food Grade & have properties which restrict the growth of bacteria without the use of Biocides within normal housekeeping programs. Poly Cord Belting is made from Polyurethane and is generally “Elasticated” and therefore often able to be installed where no adjustment is available & applied correctly they remain tight during their working life. The belts are made shorter than the circumference of the conveyor or drive by a percentage usually between 5% to 8% , this allows the belt to remain under tension in either a drive or conveyor application with little or no attention. Poly Cord Belts are normally Solid PU, although hollow & reinforced types are available in many diameters. All types can be joined, welded endless simply by heat and light pressure with no glue necessary. Belts can be supplied endless from Performance Conveyor Belting or as open long length for the user to weld as required. Please contact us at for further assistance.


Spiral Wound Gaskets

ISG are pleased to be able to offer Spiral wound gaskets. These are constructed as alternate plies of preformed metal windings and plain fillers that are spirally wound when compressed between two flanges. A "V" & "W" shaped crown centered in the metal strip acts as a spring, giving gaskets greater resilience under varying conditions. Filler and strip materials can be changed to accommodate different chemical compatibility requirements. If the load available to compress a gasket is limited, gasket construction and dimensions can be altered to provide an effective seal. A spiral wound gasket may include a centering ring, an inner ring or both. The outer centering ring enters the gasket within the flange and acts as a compression limiter, while the inner ring provides additional radial strength. The inner ring also reduces flange erosion and protects the sealing element. Resilience & strength make spiral wound gaskets an ideal choice under a variety of conditions & applications. Widely used in refineries and chemical processing plants, spiral wound gasket are also effective for power generation, aerospace, & a variety of valve and special applications. Wherever you need a strong, resilient seal, our spiral wound gaskets provide an effective solution. Information can be found in our ‘Technical’ section & any further assistance please enquire by email at


Wear Strips (for chain guides & bumpers)

Industrial Seals & Gaskets also offer a wide range of wear strips, bumpers & sheet from UHMWPE & Dry Lubricant filled Nylon. These materials offer a wide range of applications in the conveyor & driving technologies & suitable for: Packing, food & beverage industries, assembly / automation, environmental & chemical industries & general mechanical engineering fields. They have excellent wear resistance, very low sliding friction coefficient & high impact strength, even at extremely low temperatures. Our UHMWPE sheet can be machined to your required specifications upon request. Further material information can be found in our ‘Technical’ section. Please contact us at with your requirements.


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