Wear Materials

Wear Materials for chain guides & bumpers

Ultra-D (Rated for 80 Deg C) & Hi-Temp. Ultra-D (Rated to 135 Deg C)

Both the Ultra-D and Hi-Temp Ultra-D bearings and wear strips are made from Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMW-PE). This material is widely used to reduce friction from metal on metal contact. Applications are often in the presence of abrasive particles, wet environments, and will tolerate expose to many chemicals. It is FDA approved for direct contact with food products.

PLUS - Ultra

Plus Ultra bearings and components are manufactured utilizing a food grade fluid lubricant united with UHMW-PE plastic. This product was developed to retain the basic properties of UHMW-PE while creating a plastic bearing material which reduces the coefficient of friction and wear rate factor. Plus Ultra meets all official requirements for use in the food and beverage industry. Reduces drag and friction up to 40%.


Is primarily used as Guide material for Table Top and Roller Chain applications. This blend of UHMW has a coefficient of friction of 50% to 75% less than standard UHMW when used with Acetal, PET and Steel Table Top Chain. Other characteristics include: outstanding dry-running properties, FDA compliant, noise reducing, and eliminates the slip-stick effect (back-sliding).


We can offer several plastics materials with varying degrees of static-reduction capabilities, including black Ultra-D (UHMW). These materials can help solve electrical discharge and dirt/ grime attraction problems. These materials offer excellent wear and bearing properties and are available in many standard and custom shapes and sizes including Guide Rails, Wear Strips, Clip-Ons, Bearings and Conveyor Rollers. Minimums may apply. These plastic materials are not FDA compliant.

Static-Dissipative Range: Surface Resistivity 105 - 109 ohms/square
Anti-Static Range: Surface Resistivity 109 - 1014 ohms/square


33% more wear resistant than unfilled UHMW. Excellent for use as Chain Guides, Bottle-Neck Guides, Liners and in Waste Handling applications. Not FDA/USDA compliant.


Better stability than Acetals, less moisture absorption & better wear resistance than many plastics, operates at 110oC continuously, FDA compliant, weather resistant. Good chemical and abrasion resistance.

Dry Wear Dry Lube Filled UHMW-PE

Black color Non-FDA. Improved coefficient of friction and anti-static properties. Better in dusty applications: less build-up & UV stabilized.

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