Steriliser & Autoclave Door Seals & Gaskets

Replacement door seals & gaskets to suit such brands like A.E. Atherton Sterilisers, BMM Weston Sterilisers & Getinge Sterilizers are also available from Industrial Seals & Gaskets.

ISG have been working with industry leaders in this field & are able to offer an extensive range of non OEM door seals & gaskets at very competitive prices, while still offering the longevity you would expect from an ISG product.

Our replacement door seals for A E Atherton steriliser, BMM Weston sterilizer & Getinge sterilizer brands are made from the highest grade silicone, heat vulcanized joined (not just cold bonded like some competitors) & then graphite coated to provide a superior service life.  This material is most suited due to its ability to withstand the elevated temperatures & pressures placed upon the gaskets.

We can also provide seals for a range of Autoclave units used in a broad spectrum of industries & these can also be supplied in alternative materials (e.g. EPDM).

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